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Redirect testers after test set

You can now provide a redirect link where we’ll send your testers after completing a test set.

The simple way to use this is to direct all testers to the same page on your website where you can thank them and give them a discount code, or any other reward.

For example:

You can also use redirect links to track your testers, or send them customised thank-you pages. To do this, you’ll need to send each tester a different link to take the set of tests with a ref parameter to identify them.

For example, invite your testers to:

And set up a redirect link which uses this value by placing “{{ref}}” in the redirect link wherever you want the value to be used:{{ref}}

The exact same redirect behaviour is available on all individual tests, as well as test sets.

Need any help setting up your redirects? Just drop us a line at